You are going to like this!

I wear all the hats here.  Writing? Story? Music?  I'm down for these in spades.  Techie stuff? Banks? Hackers? Not so much. So I've just switched over to a LLLLLLLOOOOOOOW-tech ordering system that gets you your stuff ASAP, and a few bucks eventually to me. 


So.... to place an order, first go to the Classic Episodes link and figure out what you would like. 

Monthly Download subscription? No problem. $7.95 per month.  Cancel anytime. Call me with your CC and Ill get you your first episode while we're on the phone.  1.650.339.4908

Monthly CD subscription??  I can do that. $11.95 per month including shipping.  Call me with CC. 1.650.339.4908

Or... and this is what I would do... purchase 9 download episodes for $49.95.  Go to Classic Episodes link on home page and select your episodes with an old fashioned paper and pencil -- everyone still have those around the house?  This is a good sign.  Then send me an email with the episode numbers and your phone number.  I'll send them out while Im taking your CC on the phone. 

We've got tons of great content folks. Read the testimonials.  And if you don't believe any of them, trust me... there's no stuff out there like this.

Naaaahh don't trust me.  Email me an episode number and I will get a download right out to you. If you like it, you can include it in your purchase.  If you don't... it's on me.

OOOOOOOOOR... if your bank is still issuing checks, send me an email telling me what you would like. Ill send your downloads out FIRST... then I'll tell you how much you owe me in an email.  You send me a check and we're square.  But this is a hassle and you had to buy a stamp SO... do this and one of your downloads is free. 

Now for some of you, pencils and phone calls are WAAAAY too much work.  In that case.  arrange a 1955 Chevy Pick-up in good condition to be delivered to me here in La Honda and the entire BOOMERANG! library is yours. 

Questions? I'm all ears.  Email me.